the future for former hubby (info)

2017-01-12 15:59:19 by MrsHusband

there is no future.

i'll start uploading my crappy songs on here because i forgot NG existed. the ghost of the broken hearted is the latest hit single from me myself and i, Machina

old time fans know about my breakup, i won't be changing my name or deleting any art on my NG bc too much work and if i started deleting art from my ex and i, i would have barely any art to show off.

you might know i've been working on a game for the past couple of centuries, it's still in development but i managed to poop out a fresh demo after the chaos so here's the latest trailer and download

an online beta for the demo will be available this month, and i have a lot of fans to play against. honestly excited :)

my social medias have also changed, i've decided to go back to my roots as i no longer want to be associated with mrshusband. although i don't care about being called husband or hubby ;) but before mrshusband i was Bonehouse. find me around the block

IG: @tsugoki
FB: BonehouseV (dennis)
DOJO: (fucking fuck admin won't change my name)


mirror 1 (support me thru ads):
mirror 2 (no ads):!HsQQ2A6a!pg_NR3FJhujgJ92HBX8QryeTUhIk_pgNw5uSW28YTq8


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