Need background artists for a fighting game.

2013-11-05 09:08:43 by MrsHusband

I am in need of background artists for my fighting game. It's a stick figure fighting game, and so far all background/stage work has been done by my wife and I but I need to focus more on the characters and game itself. So if anyone would like to work on a few stages for the game that would be great :D The game is currently in it's alpha state and reallyreally buggy.
You can download it at:

Need background artists for a fighting game.


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2013-11-11 13:06:16

Hey man I could help out with the backgrounds! :) Add me on skype at hernandezdenilson

MrsHusband responds:

Do you have anything else? xD My skype is really screwed up right now.


2013-11-28 13:01:48

i could help you with sprites im good at that kind of stuff coz it looks like you need a little help :)